Hi guys! Thanks so much for stopping by - we are thrilled you are here! My creative journey into photography didn’t start until I was well established in a corporate career and a mom to a 9 year old. I dabbled in photography in high school as the “photographer” for the journalism staff. I clearly remember my first camera was a Neon Pink Concord 110 film camera! Google it - you’ll get a good laugh (gotta love the 80s!).

I accidentally stumbled into “professional” photography when my sister asked if I would photograph her wedding. By this time I considered myself a hobbyist at best and would take my camera with me everywhere. I agreed and photographed her beach wedding on the NC coast. From that very moment I was hooked!! It was the most exhilarating and terrifying thing I had ever done! Why had I not made this a career? I went out and purchased an entry level digital camera and kit lens combo, which was a small upgrade from the Canon Power Shot I was currently using. I practiced, practiced and practiced some more and did the best I could to teach myself photography. Yes, I’m fully self taught and proud of it!

Fast forward 12 years and here I am! Living my daydream and working as a full time working photographer. I never would have imagined that my journey would bring me here. I’m so blessed to meet and work with so many wonderful people. As a natural light photographer most of my time is spent outdoors or doing in home lifestyle sessions. We’ve recently relocated to Denver, CO from Charleston, SC and the change in scenery has been incredibly energizing. However, I’m open to traveling anywhere and am ready to pack my bags!

On a personal note, I love coffee, dark chocolate, red wine, bread and true crime shows! I love snuggling with my little fluffy puppy Bella and my other dog Gizmo is usually at my feet. I LOVE blankets even in the summer! Since moving to Colorado I’ve taken up truck camping, hiking and mountain biking, however, I’m still a southern beach girl at heart and will never tire of the sound of the ocean, sand between my toes and salt in my hair. My husband Garrett is my best friend and 2nd shooter, so if you’re booking a wedding with us you’ll get to meet him! He’s also known to make appearances at family shoots and is great with kids, dogs and holding bags and extra clothes! We have 2 sweet girls that are 13 and 21 and keep us on our heels! Malia, the oldest, has become a budding photographer herself and enjoys shooting film. Perhaps she’ll take over the family biz for mom one day! (Not likely, but a girl can dream.). The youngest, Gabriella is an artist and writer as well as gifted singer. There talents never cease to amaze us!